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Fashion Pendants

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Diamond fashion pendants bring personality and a touch of sparkle to any outfit. With a wide variety of shapes available, from elegant single-stone designs to playful heart and flower shapes, these pendants are perfect for showcasing your style or commemorating a special relationship.

At Grown Brilliance, you can choose from a wide selection of diamond pendant necklaces, each made from ethically-sourced lab grown diamonds and premium precious metals, including 14K yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Whether you prefer intricate designs or understated pieces, we’ve created the perfect pendant necklace to elevate your ensemble.

Lab Grown Diamond Pendants: Unique, Fashionable Accessories

Our lab grown diamond pendants are more than just accessories—they embody personal style and a commitment to sustainable luxury. Each pendant is made with ethically sourced, lab created diamonds, giving you peace of mind when adding to your collection.

Our collection of pendant necklaces features designs such as:

Choosing Your Diamond Pendant Size

Our diamond pendants come in various sizes, ranging from 5/8 carat to 2 1/3 carats, allowing you to select the perfect size and sparkle. Others are available in fixed sizes, including popular choices like 3/4 carat, 2 1/3 carats or the attention-grabbing 4 carats.

When choosing the right size, consider the occasion and your style. Larger carats make a bold statement, ideal for special events, while smaller sizes are perfect for everyday accessorizing.

Precious Stone and Diamond Options

Our selection at Grown Brilliance includes diamond pendants paired with precious colored gemstones for an enchanting combination. Choose from our sapphire, ruby and emerald designs:

  • Sapphire. Ideal for those who admire the serene beauty of the ocean, our fashion pendants pair the deep blue of sapphires with the clear brilliance of diamonds, creating a look of tranquil elegance.

  • Emerald. Perfect for individuals drawn to nature's palette, emerald and diamond pendants offer a lush, verdant sparkle that captures the essence of spring and renewal.

  • Ruby. A favorite for those who love to stand out, ruby pendants, with their fiery red hues complemented by diamonds, exude passion and vitality, making a bold fashion statement.

Stationary Versus Adjustable Pedants

Our Grown Brilliance diamond pendant collection offers both stationary and adjustable diamond pendants. Stationary pendants offer a consistent and classic look, making them an excellent choice for those who value a traditional and effortless style.

Adjustable pendants let you alter where the piece sits on an 18-inch chain length, allowing you to stack it with other necklaces in your collection. This adaptability is ideal for those who enjoy personalizing their style and keeping their look fresh and versatile.

Create Your Own Pendant Necklace

Have a vision for a completely one-of-a-kind pendant? Design a unique pendant necklace for yourself or craft a meaningful gift for a loved one with our Truly Custom service. All it takes is a few easy steps:

  • Submit your design. Upload sketches or photos, choose the metal, specify carat weight and necklace length and make a £95 deposit.

  • Receive a 3D computer rendering. Our team will send you a detailed design within 2-4 days, allowing you to see your piece in a 360° video.

  • Review and adjust. Get a price quote and request any necessary design adjustments.

  • Finalize and purchase. Approve your design and complete the purchase.

  • Creation and delivery. Your custom necklace will be ready to wear in 12-14 days.

Our Heroes Discount Program

At Grown Brilliance, we are grateful for the dedication and service of our heroes. To show our appreciation, we’re proud to offer a Heroes Rewards program, extending a 10% discount to some of the most dedicated professionals in our community, including:

  • Active duty, retirees, disabled veterans and their dependents

  • Police, fire and EMT professionals

  • Nurses and physicians

  • Educators at all levels

Enhance Your Style With Grown Brilliance

Highlight your unique style with a lab grown fashion pendant from Grown Brilliance. From the attraction of classic designs to the charm of colorful gemstone combinations, there’s a piece for every story and style. Find the perfect pendant that resonates with your personal flair or find a cherished gift for someone special.

Maintaining the shine and quality of your diamond pendant is simple with our jewelry cleaning kit. Apply our natural cleaning spray to your piece, gently scrub with the soft brush provided, rinse with warm water and dry with our special cloth. We recommend watching our how-to video for a detailed step-by-step guide and more tips on keeping your pendant in pristine condition.

We currently offer our fashion chains exclusively with the pendant. Each chain is crafted in your choice of metal - 14K yellow, white or rose gold or platinum - featuring a classic cable chain design. With its series of connected round links, a cable chain offers durability and timeless style, perfectly complementing our pendant designs.

The decision between a sliding and stationary fashion pendant depends on your preference. Choose a sliding pendant if you want to adjust its position along the cable chain so the placement fits with your outfit. Select a stationary pendant for a more consistent and timeless look.