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Find Your Size With Our Ring Sizing Guide Find Your Size With Our Ring Sizing Guide

How to Use the Digital Ring Sizer

Follow these simple steps to find your ring size using our digital ring sizer.

  • First, we need to determine your screen’s dimensions. To do this, you can use either a credit card or a ruler.
    If you’re using a credit card, match the top of your card with the top dotted line, then use the scroll bar with plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to move the screen until the bottom line lines up with the bottom of your card.
    If you’re using a ruler, align the 0 on the ruler with the 0 on the screen. Then, use the scroll bar with plus (+) and minus (-) buttons below to make the numbers on the screen match the numbers on your ruler.
  • Next, put your ring on top of the grid and use the scroll bar with plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to move the grid until the tip of each arrow just barely touches the inside of your ring on the top, bottom, left, and right sides. Once it all matches up, you have your ring size!

Tips for Measuring Your Finger

Your rings should fit comfortably, not too tight, but not too loose, either. It should be loose enough to slide over your knuckle and tight enough so that it can't fall off your finger.

  • Be sure that your fingers are warm; cold can shrink fingers up to a half size
  • Measure your fingers at the end of the day when they're largest
  • Measure your finger size a few times to make sure it's accurate
  • If the measurement falls between sizes, choose the larger size
  • Be sure to measure the finger on which you'll be wearing the ring

Tips for Finding Ring Size for Someone Else

If you're looking to keep your gift a secret, there are several ways to find their ring size. Here a few options. Let the sleuthing begin!

  • Subtly ask them without giving away that you’re looking to buy them a ring
  • Ask one of their close friends or family members, but be sure they keep the secret
  • Borrow one of their rings for the same finger, so that you can measure it
  • If you borrow one of their rings, measure it on our Digital Ring Sizer