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Whether you're looking for studs or hoops, or maybe some fancy shaped halo leverbacks, we've got you covererd. All made from ethically sourced lab grown diamonds.

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Diamond earrings are a beloved and versatile accessory, perfect for enhancing any outfit with a hint of glamor. Their enduring sparkle makes them a fantastic choice for everyday wear and special occasions.

At Grown Brilliance, our elegant collection of lab grown diamond earring diamond earrings features trendy hoops for a modern look, timeless diamond studs for a refined touch and fashion earrings for those who love to make a statement. Explore our designs to find the perfect pair of earrings for every taste and occasion.

Add a Chic Edge With Diamond Earring Hoops

Diamond hoop earrings come in various styles within the hoop design, providing a sophisticated accent to any ensemble. Choose a pair of diamond hoop earrings under 1 carat for understated elegance, ideal for a simple gown or daily attire. Consider our 8-carat round diamond hoops or 10-carat emerald cut hoops for a more striking impact.

If you want a pop of color, our diamond and ruby hoops combine traditional shimmer with vivid hues. Those looking for something eye-catching might be drawn to the whimsical multi-shape pave scatter pattern hoops.

For subtle sophistication, our classic channel set diamond hoops exude lasting allure. If you’re seeking a unique take on the traditional, our sunflower drop hoops offer a delightfully playful look.

Elevate Your Outfit With Fashion Earrings

Fashion earrings provide easy-to-wear diamond jewelry earring styles that showcase your individuality. Need a piece with dramatic flair? Opt for a waterfall multi-shape design with cascading diamonds that gracefully reflect the light. Choose chandelier fashion earrings known for their elaborate details for a luxurious accent.

A pave knot with round diamonds blends modern style with classic elegance, perfect for highlighting this cut’s sparkle. For a contemporary twist, consider double rectangle drop earrings that combine geometric shapes with sleek lines for a modern look.

A pair of lab created diamond earrings with a vintage filigree pattern offers an antique charm, adding a unique element to your ensemble.

Sport Classic Elegance With Diamond Studs

Diamond stud earrings exemplify timeless sophistication and are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Three prong studs are a perfect example of this classic style, showcasing round cut diamonds inside a simple prong setting of your choice of precious metal. Oval halo studs offer a more intricate design, with a halo of smaller stones encircling the central diamond for added brilliance.

Choose two stone studs for a unique twist, combining two diamonds in a harmonious blend that’s both modern and elegant. Select pear-shaped diamond studs set in a lovely 14K white gold setting for a vintage-inspired look.

Colored diamond studs introduce a vibrant element to the classic stud design. These fancy diamonds, offered in yellows and blues, are ideal for adding a splash of color to brighten up your collection.

Bring Your Own Design to Life

Grown Brilliance offers a unique opportunity to personalize your diamond earrings, transforming them into a piece that’s distinctly yours. Choose from pre-designed styles and customize them to your taste.

Select your preferred precious metals, be it 14K yellow, white or rose gold or opt for the sleek elegance of platinum. Tailor your earrings by choosing the diamond size that fits your desired look and budget. Each diamond is VS2+ clarity and an Excellent cut grade, ensuring your earrings shine brilliantly.

For those with a specific vision, Grown Brilliance’s Truly Custom service brings your dream earrings to life. Start by uploading sketches or images of your desired design. From there, select your metal and share your ideas with the design team. Within 2-4 days, you’ll receive a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) from the team.

You can purchase or book a virtual appointment for further discussion. You’ll get a realistic 3D design, allowing you to see your vision materialize. Once satisfied, pay for your custom earrings and receive them in as little as 14 days.

Grow Your Earring Collection with Grown Brilliance

Expand your earring collection with our one-of-a-kind designs from Grown Brilliance. Our lab diamonds come with IGI Certification, assuring quality and authenticity. Embrace the beauty of sustainable and ethical lab grown diamonds, a choice that reflects both style and environmental consciousness.

At Grown Brilliance, you can also take advantage of our convenient 30-day return policy for peace of mind. Discover the perfect addition to your jewelry collection today and experience the unique charm and quality of Grown Brilliance earrings.

To complement your engagement ring with diamond stud earrings, look for similarities in design elements. For example, if your engagement ring features a round brilliant cut diamond, choose round stud earrings for a harmonious match. If your ring has a halo setting, consider halo-designed studs. Aligning the metal type, like pairing white gold studs with a white gold ring, creates a cohesive look. These subtle details can beautifully tie your jewelry pieces together.

Diamond stud earrings are elegant, minimalist jewelry showcasing a single diamond mounted in a metal setting. They are typically worn as a matched pair but can also be purchased individually. Their design’s simplicity highlights the diamonds’ beauty, making them suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. Available in various cuts, sizes and settings, diamond studs have timeless appeal.

The choice between multi-shaped and single-stone earrings depends on your style and the occasion. Multi-shaped earrings offer a bold, eclectic look, perfect for making a statement or adding flair to your outfit. Single-stone earrings provide a classic, understated look, suitable for everyday wear or formal events.